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For New Patients – An Advanced Endoscopic and Pain Management Center, Convenient to You

Advanced Surgery Center of Long Island serves patients throughout Suffolk County and beyond. On this page you will find information on what to expect during your visit. Call or email us today to schedule an appointment.


  1. Do not ingest any food or milk products, or have any candy or gum on the day of the procedure. You may drink clear fluids until 6 hours prior to the procedure. Do not drink anything after that, except for medications which may be taken with a sip of water. Follow the bowel prep instructions issued to you from your gastroenterologist’s office.
  1. It is advised that your responsible party wait for you in the reception area during your procedure. If this person has to leave, please provide a contact number.
  1. We allow approximately 30 minutes preparation time for your procedure. This will be done in the admitting area and includes taking your history, checking your blood pressure, etc., reviewing your medications, and the name of your health care proxy (if you have one). We will start An IV in your hand or arm. We prefer the right arm as you will be lying on your left side. You will meet the anesthesiologist. Your personal belongings will be taken into the procedure room with you. You may be asked to remove your dentures and tongue/nose piercings. There will be a waiting period before you are escorted into the procedure room.
  1. In the procedure room you will be attached to the monitors by the anesthesia provider who is monitoring you constantly during the procedure. A soft plastic tube will be placed in your nose to deliver oxygen. You will have the opportunity to discuss any issues with your gastroenterologist before you are sedated. You will be asked your name, date of birth, and the name of your primary medical doctor. You will turn onto your left side.
  1. If you are having an upper endoscopy, we will place a plastic mouthpiece between your teeth to keep your mouth open while you are sedated.
  1. Propofol (anesthetic sedative drug) will be administered via the IV by the anesthesia provider. You may feel a brief sting at the IV site when the Propofol is first administered. We will not start the procedure until you are asleep.
  1. The upper endoscopy takes on average 5-10 minutes, a colonoscopy, on average 20 minutes. The procedures may be shorter or longer.
  1. You will wake up in the recovery area. You will be monitored for 20-30 minutes. We will give you a juice box to drink. You may have a sore throat or be a little hoarse.
  1. During a colonoscopy your doctor will be instilling air into your colon. Most of this is removed during the procedure. If you feel bloated or have abdominal pain in the recovery area, this is most likely due to air still present in your colon. We advise you to curl up on your side and bear down – as if you are having a bowel movement. Don’t be embarrassed – it is just air – and it needs to come out for you to feel better.



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